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888 Casino Blackjack Promo For Everyone

The 888 Casino group is one of the most powerful casino-related groups in the world. It has been around for a decade and a half and chances are it is not going to be leaving anywhere, anytime soon. What exactly keeps this place so well-glued together and what attracts more and more members, joining the 10 million registered members that are already familiar with the class of the 888 Casino brand? One simple answer would be a conglomerate of arguments and reasons, the 888 Casino Blackjack promo included.

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Reasons To Choose The Extra Live Blackjack Promotion

Starting with a top-notch gambling environment that is 100% safe and which offers an amazing gambling experience to all interested players and finishing off with the existence of some highly innovative and also lucrative opportunities to win big, this place seems to have it all. The brand new promotions and products that are constantly seeing the light of day, combined with unparalleled member service that is to be accessed no matter where one might be and no matter what time might be only come to complete the entire painting. This is one of the reasons why the 888 Casino Blackjack Promo is highly recommended to all interested players, with special emphasis on online blackjack fans.

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888 Casino Blackjack Promo Explained

The 888 Casino Blackjack Promo enables 888 members and newcomers to lay their hands on a share of the bewildering £750/$750/€750 promo bonus, and this could be occurring on a daily basis. Only registered members can benefit from the Extra Live Blackjack Promotion, so if you are not such a member, you ought to visit the official 888 Casino, or ‘Instant Play’ buttons, follow the on-screen instructions, install the casino’s software and register as a real player. Member who are already registered do not have to take any additional action in this regard.

Extra Live Blackjack Promotion – More Details

Enrolling in this promotion is again a matter of clicking on a few buttons and flowing the simplest on-screen instructions that are basically a no-brainer. The Extra Live Blackjack Promotion organized by the fellows at 888 Casino will imply the venue shuffling the 12 mixed bonus cards into the 888Xtra table decks. Players need to know there will be three prizes worth £100/$100/€100 each, three prizes worth £75/$75/€75 each and, and three rewards worth £50/$50/€50 each.

How To Win The 888 Casino Blackjack Promo

First of all, each 88 Casino player has to grab a seat at the Live Casino 888Xtra table that is located inside the 888 Private Room. Daily events will be occurring on a daily basis, between the hours of 1pm and 1am GMT. Lucky blackjack players can expect to be dealt bonus cards that will boost their bankroll with the amount that is going to be printed put on these cards. Players will also get the chance to chat with other blackjack passionate and even start up conversations with their own dealers.